Alcoholic Whipped Cream Goes Great on These Desserts

whipped lightningEveryone's hating on the newest faddish boozy product: alcoholic whipped cream, which is supposedly flying off the shelves of liquor stores across the country.

Proponents maintain that the sweet accoutrement is quite nice atop Jell-O shots. But critics say the product -- which is 15% alcohol by volume -- is being used irresponsibly by college students for binge-drinking purposes. No doubt this is a worrisome development and should be monitored accordingly.

But in the meantime, as a mature consumer, is it wrong if I find myself slightly ecstatic about the thought of alcohol-infused whipped cream, especially when I read about all the toothsome flavors including German Chocolate, Spiced Vanilla, and Tropical Passion? Just think of the culinary potential for this product!


Here are a few desserts I think would be greatly enhanced by the addition of Whipped Lightning alcoholic whipped cream topping varieties (in responsible portions, of course).

1. I'm having a fantasy involving myself, strawberry shortcake (with pound cake, fresh strawberries, and Strawberry Colada whipped cream), and a fork.

2. The perfect topping for hot chocolate this holiday season? White Chocolate Raspberry whipped cream, of course!

3. Pumpkin pie and whipped cream go together like peas and carrots. Pumpkin pie and Spiced Vanilla whipped cream together is even better.

4. Am I the only one craving a chocolate brownie sundae with Caramel Pecan whipped cream on top? Yeah, I didn't think so.

5. Picture this: Hot coffee, a shot of Baileys, a dollop of Hazelnut Espresso whipped cream. Ah. Perfection.

How would you eat alcoholic whipped cream?

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