Thanksgiving Cookies Instead of Pie?! 5 Winning Recipes

Thanksgiving CookiesSome people simply don't like pie, the staple dessert for a Thanksgiving meal. Or perhaps after having pie every single year for the past 20, you feel it's time to switch things up. Or maybe you're just looking for something else to serve alongside the pumpkin and apple pies (since you didn't indulge enough during the actual Thanksgiving feast).

Whatever your reasons may be to look for pie alternatives for your Thanksgiving dessert, here's a roundup of our five favorite Thanksgiving cookie recipes. Just look at how adorable these turkey cookies are from Taste of Home!

They're oh so cute, delicious, and perfect for guests who'd rather grab and go in case your party's running a bit too late. Another bonus: You don't have to add dessert plates, knives, and forks to the already crowded dishwasher!


Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies: How adorable are these treats from Pillsbury? With some decorating gel and candy corns as feathers, you can make these with the kids. Since the recipe calls for a package of Pillsbury sugar cookies, they're quick and easy to make. It's a refreshing change from the typical apple pie.

Vegan Gingerbread Cookies: You may think having an entirely vegan Thanksgiving meal is absurd, but who says you can't do it for the dessert? These cookies from the New York Daily News are a wonderfully healthy option after eating too much during dinner. And they really do taste good!

Amadeus Cookies: What a classy and elegant cookie from Saveur to round out your turkey dinner. Half of each cookie is dipped into a chocolate glaze, giving it quite a refined look. And they taste fantastic: Hints of cherry liqueur, pistachios, and almonds reflect the fall season and surely won't disappoint your cookie-loving guests.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cookies: If you'd rather have pumpkin-flavored cookies instead of pumpkin-flavored pie, this recipe from is for you. Super-easy to make and full of wonderful fall flavors, like pumpkin (duh), cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Your loved ones will soon forget all about that boring old pumpkin pie.

Cookie Turkeys Recipe: Another twist on turning a cookie into a turkey (who knew there'd be so many ways this could be done?) from Taste of Home. All you need is 4 ingredients too! And they only take 20 minutes to make and are so freakin' cute. Another fun culinary project for the entire family to take on.

Will you make cookies instead of pie this Thanksgiving?


Image via Taste of Home

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