5 Holiday Gifts for the Gadget Addict

popcorn popperWhen it comes to cooking, for every tried-and-true, traditional method, there's a better, snazzier, more enjoyable way to do it if you have just the right gadget.

Of course there are some crazy, useless ones out there too (an asparagus steamer, anyone?), but there are also some that really do make things easier.

They make great gifts those on your holiday shopping list who love to cook ... or just get stuck doing it.

Here a five of the best kitchen gadgets to consider that recipients will really use.


Microwave Popper $20 from Sur la table

Fresh popcorn in microwave without the bag. This specially designed glass container doesn't even require oil for popping, though it does have a special butter slot you can use to top your corn if you choose.

pizza chopper

Bialetti Pizza Chopper $12.95 from Williams Sonoma

Traditional pizza cutters somehow never cut all the way through on the first take and often leave pies a mess. This chopper promises uniform, even slices with ease. Plus, it just looks so authentic. Ciao!

cutting boards

Germ Killing Ultra Violet Cutting Board System $149.99 from Sharper Image 

For the most cautious of cooks, this whole system of cutting boards guarantees to kill up to 99 percent of germs with its ultra violent light. No more worries about contamination or disinfecting them by hand.

cut resistant glove

Cut-Resistant Glove  $14.95 from Microplane

For the all the chopping, grinding and grating done, the kitchen can be a dangerous place. Keep fingers safe with this glove that protects a cook's hands from accidental cuts and scrapes.

elevated kitchen utensils

Elevate Kitchen Utensils $40 from uncommongoods

No need for a spoon rest or worries about contamination from the counter top, this set of six utensils is designed to keep the working parts elevated. The colorful set includes a spoon, spaghetti server, ladle, slotted spatula, slotted spoon, and spatula. 

What are your favorite kitchen gadgets?

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