The Most Frou Frou Water You'll Ever Drink

drinking waterIt's one thing to take your drinking water seriously -- but the newest entrant into the gourmet water category is a little over the top.

Iceberg water is ... well ... it's fairly self-explanatory: It's water collected by using a giant mechanical claw to scrape bits of ice off giant blocks of ice floating in the ocean.

Mmmmm ... brrrrrrrr ... and guess how much a bottle of this fancy frou frou iceberg water will cost you?


If you buy a bottle of Glace Rare Iceberg Water, you can expect to shell out $10 per bottle -- or more. It's gourmet after all!

Here's Ron Stamp, the man behind the company, trying to market his product:

It is so tasteless that it actually creates a taste. The tastelessness is its own taste ... It's like drinking air.

That's so funny because I've always wanted to drink air. And now I can. Also, I've always found regular water to be way too tasty, so it sounds like iceberg water is the exact opposite and will, no doubt, solve all my problems.

Plus, when you compare it to another gourmet water like Bling H20, which comes in a Swarovski crystal-encrusted bottle and costs $50 -- well then, the Glace Rare Iceberg Water is practically a bargain!

Call me elitist, but what an enormous relief to have such options as I've become entirely bored with my free, unlimited, accessible, clean supply of fresh tap water.

Would you spend $10 on iceberg water?


Image via forever never comes around/Flickr

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