Chocolate Vodka: Make This Trendy Dessert Tonight!

Chocolate ... good. Cocktails, good. Now imagine fusing those two together with a chocolate-infused vodka ... sounds yummy, right?

There's different ways to do it, but it basically goes like this: take chocolate of choice, place it in a double boiler, and drop in the vodka as it begins to melt (don't let the mix boil or all the alcohol will cook off, and don't pour in the liquid after it's melted or the chocolate will seize; trust me on this one). Once it's all smoothly melted without any solid bits, pour it into a bottle with a funnel and store in the freezer. There's probably a million uses for this, but I can imagine some great cocktails and maybe even pouring this over ice cream for a grown-up dessert.

Infused vodkas are hot right now, and it's crazy easy to infuse vodka with flavors ... fruit, herbs, vanilla, even bacon. These naturally flavored drinks would taste a whole lot better than most commercially prepared, synthetically flavored vodkas and probably be cheaper to boot.


Infused vodkas would also make outstanding Christmas gifts; simply gather some smallish bottles, strain a variety of infusions into them, add some nice homemade labels, and your drinking buddies will be all set for interesting cocktails all year long.

To infuse vodka, just gather a standard 750-ml bottle of decent quality vodka (but no need to bust out the top-shelf liquor for this), and a large amount of fruit, herbs, jalapenos, or whatever you want. Place that in a large glass jar with an airtight lid, pour over the vodka, and put it in a dark place. Citrus fruits can infuse in as little as a day or two; other flavors can take up to a week. When it's the way you want it, strain it back into the original bottle and enjoy.

One caveat: I have had fruit-infused vodka before, and the fruit makes it so sweet and delicious you don't really taste the alcohol. Be careful, or you'll find yourself getting pretty tipsy!


Image via Drab Mayko/Flickr

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