Best Ways to Transport 5 Types of Dishes

thanksgiving foodsAside from burning the turkey, the worst thing that could happen on Thanksgiving is that beautiful, scrumptious pumpkin pie that you spent hours slaving over falling off the front seat of the car, your hard work smashing into tiny pieces.

(Okay, so it only took 30 minutes to make, but still!)

So if you have to travel over the river and through the woods to get to grandmother's house (with your dishes still intact), you may want to check out these tips on getting your foods safely from Point A to Point B on Thanksgiving Day.


The best way to transport ...


What you need: 1 cardboard box; 4 kitchen towels, 2 thick rubber bands, hot pack or hot water bottle

How to pack it: Tuck the covered dish safely into a cardboard box with rolled kitchen towels on all four sides. The towels will help protect the dish as well as keep it warm. If there's room and you have one available, slip in a hot pack or hot water bottle for extra heat. For added security, crisscross thick rubber bands over the lid handle.

Soups/Hot Dips:

What you need: Crock-Pot; aluminum foil, 2 thick rubber bands

How to pack it: Place a sheet of foil over the top, under the lid. Secure Crock-Pot clasps. Similar with a casserole dish, crisscross rubber bands over the top.

Cold Dishes:

What you need: Ice, leak-proof plastic bag, bowl, newspaper

How to pack it: Put ice into a leak-proof plastic bag in a large bowl. Line outside of dish with newspaper, which insulates the cold, and place dish inside the bowl.


What you need: Pie box from a local bakery or grocery store, parchment paper, tape

How to pack it: Line the pie box with parchment paper so that it covers bottom and all four sides. Gently place pie, still inside its aluminum pie pan, into box. Cover pie with a final square of parchment paper. Close lid and tape shut.

Bite-sized foods:

What you need: Kitchen towel, masking tape, baking sheet, plastic wrap

How to pack it: Place a clean kitchen towel on the baking sheet, held down with masking tape, and then place your foods on top. Cover the baking sheet, tightly, with plastic wrap.

Are you transporting foods this Thanksgiving? Have any tips to share?


Image via misocrazy/Flickr

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