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sheet pans

Word to recently engaged people: Make sure you thoroughly research what you register for beforehand. Ask for kitchen products built to last, instead of whatever you happen to point to with that seductive little scanner gun. Many of us have found out the hard way that some items for your kitchen are worth spending a little bit more on in order to get a lot more mileage from them.

Example #1? Sheet pans.

Sheet pans, also known as jelly roll pans, half-sheets, or cookie sheets are a workhorse in the kitchen, especially around holiday cookie time. I also use them almost daily for cooking bacon, slow-roasting tomatoes for canning, and baking bread. I arrange ingredients on them for easy clean up and to maximize space in my small kitchen. So what pans do I use now?


When looking for sheet pans, you want something not only sturdy enough to withstand warping, but with a surface that is easy to clean. I used to own two cheaper pans that lasted only months before they rusted and warped, rendering them much more difficult to both use and clean. A warped pan also makes it difficult to bake items evenly, which is frustrating for bakers who rely on precise temperatures.The brand I use is affordable, dishwasher-safe, and are used in many professional kitchens because of their quality and durability.

sheet pans

While I don't get hung up on brand names when it comes to most things in my life, the only sheet pans I'll buy are Chicago Metallic. I firmly believe brand matters when it comes to this item, and because I use sheet pans so much and they work so well in comparison to cheaper brands, you might want to seek them out.

A set of two should run less than $30 ($27 at, and they will last a very long time. This is the same brand we use at the kitchen store where I work, and we use them for everything. Trust me. Once you start using these, you won't regret the few extra dollars you spent. And if you know someone registering for inferior pans, send this link their way.

What kitchen brand has your unwavering loyalty? Why?


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