The Ultimate Disgusting Thanksgiving Dinner

disgusting thanksgivingSure there will be some Thanksgiving dinners gone wrong. Someone decides a turducken should be cooked like a regular turkey, or as is the case with Sweatpantsmom's lime green Jell-o, horrible is simply a family tradition.

But if you really want to prepare the most disgusting Thanksgiving meal possible, while still remaining true to all of the T-day staples, look no further than the Thanksgiving Turkey Cake. It looks pretty yummy sitting up there in the corner, right?

Read on if you'd like to throw up your lunch, and destroy the fantasy that this is a delicious dish, and not a horror show.


The Thanksgiving Turkey Cake actually is turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and marshmallows -- all in one layer cake. If you really want to go for it, you can pour gravy over your slice. But please, don't go for it.

Chow also gives detailed instructions with fascinating photos on how to assemble. It takes real skill to create this Thanksgiving Turkey Cake. But I'm willing to bet even more skill to eat a slice in its entirety.

Stick with your lime Jell-o mold, your tofurkey, even your undercooked turkey that may or may not give your guests salmonella. Just don't bust out this layer cake unless you want a load of gagging people around your table this year.

What's the worst Thanksgiving meal you've ever had?

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