Thanksgiving? For Breakfast?!

turkey hashThe Thanksgiving meal is traditionally served in the afternoon or evening -- duh. You got your turkey, and your cranberry sauce, blah blah blah.

But what if we got really crazy? What if we had a Thanksgiving breakfast?!

I know, what am I thinking, right? The idea is outrageous, insane, ridiculous ... but dang, these 6 Thanksgiving-inspired breakfast recipes sure do sound good.


Turkey hash: The good thing about this turkey meal is you don't have to shove anything up its ass. Mix together eggs, potatoes, peppers, and shredded turkey for a deliciously hot breakfast. This is also a great way to use up those turkey leftovers the morning after Thanksgiving.




Cranberry biscuits: Throw some dried cranberries into your favorite biscuit recipe, or try this one from Cooking Light.

cranberry biscuits

Pumpkin muffins: Hey, if you don't have to count calories for a Thanksgiving dinner, you don't have to count calories for a Thanksgiving breakfast. It's only fair.

Sweet potato doughnuts: I know I already mentioned these in a previous post, but trust me, they are worth mentioning again.

pumpkin muffin

Stuffing pancakes: Fry stuffing in a little oil, pat it down in rounds as it's frying, and it turns out like little pancakes.

Mashed potato pancakes: It's starting to seem like you can make a pancake-version of anything, doesn't it?

Would you ever ditch the traditional meal and eat Thanksgiving breakfast? Or how about just try a Thanksgiving-inspired breakfast on another day?

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