4 Pumpkin Desserts for When You're Totally Sick of Pie

pumpkin pieThis is going to be hard news for the pumpkin pie purists to swallow, but it's true: Some people just don't like pumpkin pie.

For some it's an issue of slimy texture; others are turned off by the thought of having to make pie crusts from scratch; and finally there are those people who simply think the whole tradition is entirely pedestrian.

If you love pumpkin but are looking for an alternative to pie this year, these four mouthwatering ideas definitely have your name all over them.


A layered Pumpkin Trifle -- served in a glass bowl -- has all the flavors of pumpkin pie and it looks beautiful, too. This popular recipe from Taste of Home substitutes gingerbread cake for crust and layers it with butterscotch pudding and whipped topping -- yum!

We'd be remiss in our duties if we didn't include at least one cupcake recipe. Pumpkin Cream Cupcakes combine spice cake and canned pumpkin and have a cream cheese center. And we just happen to have the recipe.

Luscious Pumpkin Cheesecake takes the concept of pumpkin pie and cranks up the caloric intake to 11. But that isn't any reason to pass up a slice, is it?

Finally, for anyone who's a sucker for bread pudding (me! me!) you've got to admit that Pumpkin Bread Pudding is a pretty brilliant twist on the traditional dessert. It's pumpkin puree, spices, vanilla -- what's not to like?

Are you a pumpkin pie purist?


Image via SpecialKRB/Flickr

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