Is Jessica Simpson a Vegan?


jessica simpson veganJessica Simpson and what's-his-name are all over the news this week, what with their impulsive engagement just days after Jess's ex, Nick Lachey, announces his. Whether her fiance Eric Johnson (right, that's the guy) and Jessica are truly in love, lust, or just seeking publicity will be uncovered in time. But in the here and now Johnson has another announcement, perhaps to distract from the fact that they've only known each other six months and are going to get married?

Johnson has decided to open a chain of vegan restaurants in the Los Angeles area. Presumably, for Jessica, or in support of her since his football career doesn't seem to be going anywhere. So is Jessica Simpson going vegan? Or is it Johnson's big plan so he can afford to buy Jessica a ring?

Here are 5 signs that point to Jessica going over to the green side:

  1. In spite of her confusion over tuna and chicken, Simpson definitely understands that pork comes from pig -- and that makes her conflicted.
  2. Her skin looks awesome.
  3. A vegan diet can help someone who is constantly being criticized over her weight to get in shape. Not that I'm criticizing -- it's those other people.
  4. Perhaps Johnson and Simpson are inspired by Markus Rothkranz, the raw food vegan bodybuilder? After all, Johnson needs to do something to impress his San Francisco 49er fans.
  5. Because you don't have to brush your teeth as often if you're not ripping apart chunks of meat.

Would you eat at Johnson and Simpson's vegan fast food restaurant?

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