The 7 Most Scandalous Foods

caviarThere are some foods that are likely to raise an eyebrow when consumed, and then there are those that raise the ire of many.

They are risky, perhaps repulsive in some eyes, and even outright illegal in some cases.

They're the bad boys of the food industry, and like their human counterparts, their naughty nature makes them a bit intriguing.

You may be scared to try to them, but sometimes you also can't help yourself. Everyone needs to taste the wild side at some point.

Here are seven of the world's most scandalous foods to dine on if you dare:


Foie Gras -- Rich, smooth, and savory, even the name sounds sexy. Unfortunately, it's the result of poor little ducks and geese being fed via tubes shoved down their throats to enlarge their livers before they're slaughtered. Kinda like Jesse James -- if only you didn't know the back story, it might be more tempting.

Drunken Shrimp -- We're not talking any old shrimp just marinated in some booze. No, we're talking LIVE shrimp that just get stunned by the booze before you eat them. They are still moving! A dish found mostly in China ... thankfully.

Raw Milk -- It's illegal to sell it in many states, and the FDA warns of its dangers, but there's a growing number of people who like it raw. They tout the benefits of the unpasteurized milk and milk products and are willing to take the risk.

Veal -- So tender, so succulent ... so the result of baby calves being imprisoned for their short life.

Ikizukuri -- This is a Japanese technique in which sashimi is made from a living fish, octopus, squid, or other sea creature. Its body -- beating heart still intact and ticking -- is served on a plate next to the meat. For entertainment?

Caviar -- Though it's synonymous with luxury, eating fish eggs in and of itself isn't for the finicky. The elusive (and majorly expensive) Beluga caviar has been outlawed in the past due to limited resources.

Happy Meals -- Okay, not so sexy, but seeing as how San Francisco has banned them, they kind of have that whole outlaw thing going for them.

Which of these controversial foods have you tried? Would you try any of them?


Image via geishaboy500/Flickr

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