The Worst Low-Fat Foods You'll Ever Gag Down

gross low fat foodIn the quest for low-fat goodness, you have to kiss plenty of disgusting frogs. Chalky, acidic, and just plain flavorless, there's some pretty bad stuff on the market being sold to diet-conscious people.

Which is a shame, because there are so many excellent sources of low-fat foods whether you're hitting the lunch counter or making an entire Thanksgiving dinner. So why do some companies think they can fool us into eating their crap? Don't they know that all of us foodies are now eating our way into high cholesterol-ville and will need some delicious alternatives to make us not miss all that butter?


Here are some really gross foods you might want to avoid in your search for delicious, healthy fare.


Whole Wheat Pasta

Homemade whole wheat pasta rocks. But if you find yourself in the grocery store picking out dry whole wheat pasta, realize you're going to have to put enough butter and cheese on the chalky rotini to make it edible.

Tofutti Cuties

My husband and I disagree on this one, but gag. As a connoisseur of ice cream sandwiches, I have to say that these tofutti cuties do not even come close to cutting it. Go with So Delicious Minis instead.

Chicken Without the Skin

Really. What's the point?

All Low-Fat Cheddar Except Cabot

Every other brand of low-fat cheddar cheese I tried not only stuck to my silverware and flatware, it tasted like nothing. Luckily Cabot cheddar has actual flavor, and I'm still using the low-fat sub.

Baked Lay's

In addition to sending me straight to the bathroom, Baked Lay's seemed to taste like something, and it's not potato chip. It's chemical and unrecognizable.

What's the worst low-fat food you've eaten?


Image via j_lai/Flickr


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