Amazing Gingerbread Creations That Put Houses to Shame

gingerbread houseOh gingerbread, how delicious you are. I love your consistency and how you match everything; the way you entertain kids everywhere and get along so well with frosting, gum drops, and mini M&Ms. And oh how I enjoy your taste.

Looking to stray away from the standard house this year? Check out these 8 gingerbread creations that are sure to inspire some creativity within your own household.




gingerbread laptop

The gingerbread laptop. While it may not be fully functional -- it's definitely creative. Add your own touches by first deciding if you're a Mac or a PC, and then decorating the screen with 3D scenes from your favorite computer games or websites!

gingerbread cello

Who doesn't want to own a gingerbread cello? Try mixing things up by adding unique strings and extras with Twizzlers Pull n' Peel and pretzel rods.

gingerbread teapot

I'm sure the tea that comes out of this pot will be extra tasty.

kiss gingerbread

Are you ready to rock? Get front row seats to your favorite rock star or band right in your living room by making your own version of these Kiss gingerbread figurines. A Justin Bieber fan? Try working in some caramel for his sweet locks.

gingerbread boat

Ahoy, matey! Sail away with a gingerbread boat, complete with Captain Santa and Frosty the Snowman leading the way.

VW bus gingerbread

This gingerbread connoisseur knows how to keep things groovy with a gingerbread VW bus. With plenty of room for decorating, this vehicle will be a hit with any family. The bigger the bus, the better!

light up gingerbread man

So a gingerbread man may not be super creative, but adding lights surely takes this friendly creation to the next level. Spice up your gingerbread with an electric touch and display them around the holidays. You'll be sure to impress your house guests.

gingerbread sleigh

The gingerbread sleigh ... a perfect centerpiece for your holiday table. Feel free to add in any "presents" you like, including sucking candies and small fun-size chocolate treats.

What's your favorite gingerbread creation?

Image via Andrew Kelsall,Graphic Designer'/Flickr, TedsBlog/Flickr, p200eric/Flickr, Marit &Toomas Hinnosaar/Flickr, Ansik/Flickr, Uriel 1998/Flickr, AKarmy/Flickr, mme-dk/Flickr,


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