Note to Thanksgiving Guests: BYO ... Tupperware?

TupperwareI entertain a lot, Thanksgiving amongst other occasions, and I was always that giving hostess saying, Oh honey, let me make you a plate to take home so you can have leftovers for lunch tomorrow! I'd stuff mashed potatoes and chicken into Tupperware bowls for friends, and send them along their merry way, my sacred Glad Stackables in tow.


But after a few dinner parties, I realized that, after waving goodbye at the door, I never saw my Tupperware again. It's practically become the equivalent to rare gold in my household -- if you have it, you hold on to it tight, because you can almost bet that once it leaves your controlled possession, you will never see it again. Ask for it back you say? Tell me, how often does that work for you? Oh sure! I'll bring it next time I see you! is easy to say over the phone -- but it rarely actually gets executed.

So, my solution: Make your guests bring their own damn Tupperware.

I know, not exactly the most cordial of actions, but I seriously doubt the last thing you want to worry about after spending an entire day cooking a huge Thanksgiving dinner is the return of your plastics. You have to practically create an entire war plan to get them back.

Step 1: Call guest.
Step 2: Wait for guest to return it as promised.
Step 3: After weeks of guest not returning said containers, drive 30 minutes to her home to pick them up yourself.
Step 4: After successfully rescuing containers, go home and wash them because your appreciative guest failed to do so.

So screw it, if they really want to take food home, they can do so in their own containers.

That's my Thanksgiving tip to you.

What do you think about guests bringing their own Tupperware to Thanksgiving? Do or don't?

Image via armigeress/Flickr

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