'Top Chef Just Desserts' Recap: Baby Grands & Bikinis Take the Cake

Top Chef
On Top Chef, Zac went over the top, as usual.
Talk about a hot mess. When you're baking an anniversary cake for the baker to the stars, Sylvia Weinstock, in the final four of Top Chef: Just Desserts, you better bring your A-game. And Zac, well, he brought his sea. Literally. It was pretty hideous.

But first things first -- CHOCOLATE!

The first challenge the final four faced was to make a quartet of truffles representing major milestones in their lives, including one "golden moment" that stands out above all others. 

And we ended up with some pretty exotic fare: coconut and chai representing Yigit's Buddhist core, caramel corn and pretzels repping Danielle's prized game days with her dad. The standout, though, according to guest judge Francois Payard, was Morgan's bonbon representing his "golden" Top Chef moment, with a plate of chocolate at the top and the bottom to represent the pressure "coming at me from both sides, crushing my soul." Lovely.


When Danielle hated on him for winning, he hated right back, saying, "Danielle, you look like Marilyn Manson. You can't cook. Please go home."

Moving on to the elimination challenge, the final four were greeted by a cute little old man who told them he was in need of a cake to mark his 61st anniversary with his wife. After the contestants shopped up a storm with a meager $200 budget -- including for pans! that doesn't seem like it would go very far -- they found out, of course, that his wife was none other than celeb baker Sylvia Weinstock, an icon in the cake biz.

Ben and Syliva -- who are just too, too sweet together -- TMIed about their first meeting, beachside, she in a yellow bikini, then later, sneaking off to make out under a baby grand piano. At the wedding, she wore a gray dress and carried pink roses. Favorite flavors? For her, lemon. For him, chocolate.

So naturally, that was the inspiration for the cakes.

Yigit's cake, almond sponge with chocolate mousse and sponge cake with lemon cream, seemed the most elegant and appetizing to me, but apparently it was a fairly complicated affair, since he had quite some trouble cutting even a single slice.

No surprise that Morgan went for elegant, as always, with a little baby grand decked out with pink roses, complete with a pale yellow bikini top placed just so. Inside, the two-tiered affair was uber-decadent: one layer offered lemon spongecake with a raspberry panna cotta filling, while the other was dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.

Danielle's chocolate affair, with a sour cherry compote and Greek yogurt ice cream, looked a bit off, despite a few cute touches, like piano keys on the sides and little pink roses, which she said represented Ben and Sylvia's children and grandchildren. Apparently, it was good, because she managed to win the challenge.

Top ChefZac -- shocker! -- went over the top with the sand and sea imagery, creating this blue disaster of a cake. He even went so far as to pull out the gold dust AGAIN. In his own defense, he said, "I love the whimsy of the water." But Silvia was NOT impressed. "It's like a woman who wears all her jewelry to the occasion. You just don't do it," she said, appalled, adding, "It would be a great bar mitzvah cake." Ouch.

At judging, Zac took his troubles out on Morgan, flailing around and saying that passionless people who play it safe have no business baking. Morgan, still stoic, responded with a cutting: "I don't think it's polite to jump up and down and say 'I won!' I would rather remain composed than freak out like a little girl."

Wow. And to add insult to injury, Zac was sent packing, which we all knew was inevitable once he pulled out that blue food coloring for a cake meant for Sylvia Weinstock. So that leaves the final three -- Morgan, Yigit, and Danielle. One week to go. Who will win? It's anyone's game at the moment.

Who are you rooting for?


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