The Worst Thanksgiving Dinner of All Time

Thanksgiving dinner disasters unfortunately happen to the best of us.

The turkey falls on the floor by mistake; the gravy is lumpy; the mashed potatoes resemble glue; the dog eats the entire pumpkin pie. (Are you scratching your head wondering what in the world I'm talking about? Then ... uh ... just kidding! These things have never happened to me, either.)

thanksgiving turkey

Oops! Forgot to butter the pan!

The fact is: No Thanksgiving dinner can be absolutely perfect. There's always some kind of unforeseen culinary calamity no matter how well-intentional and organized your cooking plan. Usually, however, it's just one dish that is a fail while all the rest can be salvaged.

Except in the case of the worst Thanksgiving dinner of all time ...


It all begins with the bread course ...

burned cornbread muffinsMaybe we can just scrape off the burned part and be left with, well, nothing.

sweet potatoesInstead of exploding with flavor in the mouth, these sweet potatoes had a premature situation in the oven.


Looks like someone is getting some mileage of our their Cool Whip Cookbook!

cranberry sauceThere's plenty of gelatinous ridges to go around.

jello moldSpeaking of gelatin ... can we just ban it altogether from this holiday?

tofurkyTofurkey's done! (I think?)

turkeyIf only we had taken the turkey out just a few minutes hours sooner.

What was your worst Thanksgiving Day food disaster?


Images via jeffheuer/Flickr; Liliang/Flickr; heather.dyan/Flickr; Rochelle, et. al'/Flickr; Daniel Morrison/Flickr; ukanda/Flickr; CarbonNYC/Flickr; Editor B/Flickr

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