Giada de Laurentiis & John Mayer Fling: A Recipe for Barf

giada de laurentiisIt is with a heavy heart that I share this following bit of news:

Giada de Laurentiis and d-bag extraordinaire John Mayer have allegedly shared "hot nights" together. Maybe someone is just playing a sick joke on me. But why god why would anyone sully the good name of my favorite Food Network star?

Granted the source of the gossip is none other than Star Magazine -- not exactly a bastion of journalistic integrity. And while there's probably little if any truth to the rumors, the image of the two is forever burned in my brain.

It's doubtful I'll ever be able to watch Everyday Italian while controlling my gag reflex again!


Here's the story behind the alleged hookup. (And I can't stress the word "alleged" enough!)

Giada and JM were seen together at the Standard Hotel for the New York Wine & Food Festival. According to one eyewitness: “John had one hand on the small of her back ... they looked like two people who were going to go home together.”

Hmmm. Not exactly the racy details I was looking for -- oh wait, but that's a good thing!

Here's some more hard evidence of the illicit, steamy affair: A second eyewitness saw them disappear into a suite at the Hotel Gansevoort. Hey, let's keep it PG, everyone!

I don't know about you but I think it's a slippery slope between hand-on-back at the Standard Hotel and JM replacing Giada's husband Todd Thompson as a regular on Giada at Home. And, instead of family-friendly dishes made with simple everyday ingredients, she'll be churning out greasy late-night munchies. Please god, make it stop!

Hopefully, there's no truth to this nonsense; nevertheless, I think it's about time I rewrote my blogger bio, don't you?

Do you think Giada and John Mayer are hot for each other?


Image via Food Network

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