In Praise of the Drunk Dinner Guest

drunk dinner guest

Thanksgiving At My House (Kidding! Sort Of.)

There's a bit of a discussion going on over at CNN after their food blog posted some tasty Thanksgiving cocktails. Seems people pointed out that sloppy drunk guests at Thanksgiving is not ideal. The biggest challenge, perhaps, is getting them out of your house safely.

While I agree that safety is the top issue (which is why I voted to call them a cab), and of course, drinking to the point of throwing up or fighting is obviously not acceptable either.

However, there's a reason I always try to whip up a specialty cocktail at dinner parties. I like my guests slightly lubricated, and here's why:

  • Ever notice the party chatter gets a little louder when people are about a drink and a half in? I like that, and everyone else does too.
  • I like to think of myself as an above average cook; however, some experiments have failed. The more intoxicated the guest, the least likely they are to notice.
  • Everyone goes away feeling like they had a blast, even if my table settings are uninspired or, god forbid, hideous.
  • The day after stories will be so much better. Yes, it was awkward that time your neighbor told your best friend he was in love with her thighs, but that story has mileage!
  • Fond memories will make people want to invite you over too.

How do you feel about the drunk dinner guest?


Image via penguino/Flickr

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