Dunkin' Donuts Pancake Bites Scare Everyone -- Even Its Employees!

sausage pancake bitesWas it just me being hyper self-conscious or did the employee at Dunkin' Donuts actually snicker when I ordered the new Sausage Pancake Bites?

Nope, nope, I definitely wasn't imagining it because of what happened next: She turned to another employee and said something I couldn't understand; but I do know it ended in "Sausage Pancake Bites," an eye-roll, and then peels of laughter. Yup, they were definitely laughing at me. Oh, and when they called out my order, the male customer next to me muttered, "Ew, gross" and shot me a look of utter disgust.

It's not like I blame them.

In fact, I probably would react the exact same way if anyone willingly put a Meat Munchkin into their digestive tract. Just look at it!


Images of the handheld breakfast treat have been terrorizing people on TV, online, and even on the subway. There's just something about pancake balls stuffed with sausage links that makes me want to shield my eyes and run screaming into another room. And, as the anecdote above clearly demonstrates, DD employees are scared of them, too!

So how do they taste? I can honestly say: Not as frightening as they look. It's really just fried batter slightly sweetened with meatiness inside. In fact, one order is comparable to eating three mini corn-dogs. (For breakfast.)

I could use more sweetness in the dough; and they were a little too greasy for a handheld product. But overall I emerged unharmed from the experience, though I don't think I would ever repeat it again of my own accord.

If I was wickedly hungover, had a giant bottle of syrup, and it were the only hot food within a 5-mile radius, then maybe I could see Pancake Bites and I having a future together.

Until then, I think I'll just order my usual hazelnut coffee with milk and call it a day. (That is if I can ever show my face in there again; after today's humiliation, I'm having serious doubts.)

Have you tasted Dunkin' Donuts new Sausage Breakfast Bites? Thoughts?

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