Slurpee Getting Even Cooler After Obama Mention

slurpeePoor Slurpee. They're getting so worked up just because the President mentioned their brand in a passing joke. I mean, really worked up, dubbing it as "the biggest thing to ever happen to our brand."

If that is truly the biggest thing to have ever happened to their brand, well, that's just sad.

President Obama had said during a recent campaign speech that Republicans stood around drinking Slurpees while Democrats did the hard legislative work. After Tuesday's elections, he made a reference to that, joking that he may now hold a Slurpee Summit.

And when the brand heard this, they called in the multi-colored slushy troops.


They immediately contacted White House officials about making the Slurpee Summit a reality: "If the president wants a Slurpee Summit, we're offering to cater it with red and blue Slurpees -- and we'll even offer a purple Slurpee, since that's what you get when you bring red and blue together," Margaret Chabris, a spokeswoman for 7-Eleven says. How clever.

They have also already created an ad campaign from it. Look for an ad in select national newspapers tomorrow consisting of a purple Slurpee with red and blue straws. And just because of that one little joke made by the President, the company is re-evaluating its entire brand strategy, centering it around how Slurpees "bring people together."

This reminds me of those poor girls in high school who would get overly excited just because the popular boy knew their name, when really, it wasn't even that big of a deal. I'm pretty sure Obama has long known what a Slurpee was -- after all, he was a kid at one time. No need to change your entire branding campaign just because of one mention.

Think Slurpee is making a big deal out of nothing or do you think this could really be a turning point for the brand?


Image via bradley j/Flickr

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