Laziest Thanksgiving Menu Ever: No Cooking Required

canned turkeyLet's face it, Thanksgiving is a lot of work.

First you have to figure out how to cook a turkey, or some other alternative dish, then there are a host of sides and pies and accouterments that everyone seems to expect on this one beloved day of the year.

But it's hard to be thankful when you're exhausted from weeks of prepping and shopping and chopping and baking.

So this year, don't.

Don't cook a thing. You can have a fabulous -- or at least festive -- meal with none of the work. And we're not talking takeout here either, we're talking homemade ... sorta.

Here's what you need for your no-cook Thanksgiving feast.


Turkey in a Can Yep, just like good old Chicken of the Sea, you can get turkey in a can -- "14 oz. of tender turkey chunks in natural cooking juices, with no artificial ingredients. Fully precooked and lightly salted." Mmmm, who needs a drumstick, anyway?

All you need is a can opener.

mashed potatoes

A Tub o' Taters Already mashed and seasoned for you, these potatoes are ready to serve. If you want them to be hot, however, they do require some simple heating in the microwave. If even that's too much effort, then you can swap them out for potato chips.

cranberry sauce

Jellied Cranberry Sauce Who says there have to be actual cranberries in cranberry sauce? Open up a can of this wiggly, jiggly goodness, and viola. Not only is it a bright cheerful side dish, but you can use it on the rolls (which you buy, of course) for jelly ... I think.

green beans

Canned Green Beans Room temperature is fine when it comes to beans, just open and serve. If you want to get really fancy, you could throw some crunchy French-fried onions on top to sort of mimic a green bean casserole.

Sweet Potatoes

Baby Food Sweet Potatoes They're already cooked, mashed (okay, a little more than mashed), and ready to go. Just dish them up and top with a few baby marshmallows.

Those are the basics for a good meal. Dessert is easy, but if slicing a pre-made pie is too much work, you can always have ice cream ... right from the carton.

Happy Thanksgiving!

What no-cook recipes do you use for Thanksgiving?

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