'Top Chef Just Desserts': A Tribute to Kim Kardashian

top chef just dessertsLast night's episode of Top Chef Just Desserts was an emotional roller coaster: We had one of the bluntest (some would even say "meanest") guest judges of all time, a high-stress challenge, and a bittersweet departure.

I'm so upset I might have to drown my sorrows in chocolate ... which reminds me: WHY didn't they let the chefs use chocolate last night?


The episode begins with a difficult Quickfire Challenge judged by famous cake decorator Shinmin Li, who, Zac warns us, "breathes fire." And, she does not disappoint.

The chefs are asked to make an edible bouquet in three hours, and Shinmin hates, and I mean HATES, three of the five creations and doesn't mince words when critiquing them: She calls Zac's chocolate flowers "messy"; says Eric the Baker's creation looks like a "pile of icing"; and is disappointed in Danielle's bouquet because the back side is unfinished. Eric tells the camera that "Shinmin is rude." And, frankly, I can't disagree.

Morgan takes home the prize -- along with $5,000. (Is it just me, or are there a lot of monetary prizes on this show?)

For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs must cater a tea party for Dana Cowin of Food and Wine and some of her friends. The theme is Celebritea (get it? Celebritea Party) so the chefs must create two desserts based on a contemporary celebrity duo.

All I have to say is: Celebritea? Really? Moving on.

The chefs go shopping for their desserts, and so ensues one of my favorite moments of the season so far: Morgan, who says he doesn't know anything about celebrities, picks up a celebrity magazine for inspiration and reads a story about someone named Kim Kardashian being bitter about her (then) boyfriend Reggie Bush not proposing. And so, Morgan is completely inspired! He will create a Kim Kardashian-inspired macaron with bitter sour citrus filling. Hilarious! (Although, I'm beginning to feel like Kim K. is following me everywhere I go.)

The chefs get back to the Top Chef kitchen for prep where Johnny Iuzzini tells them that, oh sorry, they can't use chocolate in this challenge. Except that Morgan, Yigit, and Eric were all counting on using chocolate and now they have to start from scratch with a new idea.

Now, I'm all for a good challenge, but this wrinkle is completely unfair. Why not tell them this before they went shopping? Right about now, I'm really annoyed with my boyfriend, I mean Johnny Iuzzini.

The lack of chocolate throws off Yigit and Eric who never fully recover and they end up in the bottom two -- Eric for his boring shortbreads that were supposed to represent Oprah and Stedman, and Yigit for his Madonna yogurt cake and Guy Ritchie sable.

In the end, the judges decide that Eric has the worst dessert and he's sent home. But not without this bittersweet line:

I came here to prove that a baker can be a pastry chef. Before I came here, I was never called a chef. That was my journey: I became a chef.

The heart. It breaks.

Do you think it was time for Eric to go home?


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