Host Serves a Bad Meal? 10 Stomach-Saving Tactics

bad dinnerWhen a 10-year-old boy from Illinois didn't like what his father made for dinner, he didn't just try to choke it down. Instead he called 911 to report his father for serving him such unsavory fare.

A blatant abuse of our emergency system, sure, but haven't we all felt a similar sense of panic when presented with a meal that makes us want to hurl?

Whether it's the boss's wife, your mother-in-law, or a good friend, when someone makes an effort to make you a meal, the last thing you want to do is offend them. Of course, hurling wouldn't be so well-mannered either.

So what to do when faced with food that makes you want to call for help?


If possible, let your host know ahead of time if there are any foods you just won't eat -- like seafood or bell peppers. She'll appreciate knowing.

Once you're there and the food is in front of you, then you have to get more strategic -- especially if it's a food you have claimed to like, but it's just prepared really poorly.

Here are 10 tactics to try to preserve your stomach and your relationships ... as long as you don't get caught:

1. Mash it up on the plate so it looks like it has been eaten.

2. It looks delicious, but dammit, you forgot to mention you're allergic to something in the dish.

3. Just keep picking away at so it repeatedly, some is likely to evaporate eventually.

4. Make good friends with their dog/cat/any animal in reach.

5. Swear to be a salt-aholic, and season the hell out of it.

6. Claim to be following a gluten-free diet since most things contain it.

7. Feign illness.

8. That's what napkins are for.

9. A big, inexpensive purse strategically placed can be a life saver ... and provide dinner for your dog when you get home.

10. Suck it up and just eat it.

What do you do when faced with food you don't want to eat?

Image via jessica mullen/Flickr


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