Prop 19 Fails, These Snacks Suffer

prop 19 legalize marijuna failCalifornians did not wake and bake this morning, as Prop 19, which would have legalized and taxed marijuana, failed. Those magical youth voters did not come out strong to support the proposition that would have provided tax dollars to a destitute California and a strong boost to Hostess. Apathy is blamed for the lack of votes, as well as older voters who may not be so keen on the idea to legalize drugs in the state.

Fast food franchise owners must be crying in their over-sized sodas right about now. Yes, you can still get a prescription for medical marijuana, but the legalization would have brought pot smoking to the same level as social drinking, thus increasing the number of people who imbibe on occasion. And more legal pot smokers would mean more crappy food being sold in the heat of the moment.

So, what munchies are also getting the shaft today as a result of the Prop 19 failure?


Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

Everyone knows the salty and the sweet satisfy the sensitive taste buds of a stoner. Sadly, those Flipz will have to stay on the shelf another day.

Ice Cream

Did you think Ben & Jerry invented Magic Brownies for the straight crowd? The most stoner'iffic ice cream brand was ready for the party in California pot smokers' mouths. Now we'll just have to buy B&J on the sly, like those smokers who have a "prescription."


Chipotle and the all-natural crowd go great together. Only now Californians will have to be discreet in their burrito habits, lest they pay that $100 fine for possession.

Doritos 3D

If this commercial wasn't made for (and with, look at those dudes!) pot smokers, I don't know what was. Doritos? In 3D? Radical.

White Castle

Harold and Kumar aren't the only imbibers who wind up at the White Castle. If you don't believe me, check out the line around 4:20. Luckily, this is an East Coast establishment so White Castle will only see a dip in their frozen food sales.

What do you reach for when you get the munchies?


Image via soupstance/Flickr


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