New York State Election Results: Sandra Lee Is First Lady

sandra leeIt's definitely not a good day for Democrats, but fans of the Food Network should be really excited about the 2010 election results.

That's because Andrew Cuomo has been elected governor of New York State -- which makes his longtime girlfriend, Food Network star Sandra Lee, the First Lady of New York.

You know what means? Her tacky tablescapes are even more valuable now than they were before! Hopefully, she'll be willing to unleash her eccentric domestic arts on the governor's mansion.


If you remember, the Semi-Homemade star -- who has been dating Cuomo since 2005 -- caused a bit of controversy for him during the election over ... wait for it ... lasagna.

As gubernatorial candidate, Cuomo was asked about his position on the Italian dish, specifically whether he preferred Lee's version (made with cottage cheese and tomato soup) or his own mother's more traditional version. Ever the politician, Cuomo refused to to take sides.

Hopefully, this will be Lee's one-and-only political scandal.

But even with the election, Lee's had more on her mind than politics: She's been promoting her new cookbook, The Complete Cookbook, which is a best-of collection of her most popular recipes including 200 new recipes. In fact, when asked by a reporter about whether she felt prepared to be First Lady, she replied that the only thing she wants to be is the "first lady of cookbooks right now."

It's a great answer that makes me forgive her for the tomato soup lasagna (but not for the tacky tablescapes).

Congrats to New York Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo and First Lady-Elect Sandra Lee!

Do you think Sandra Lee will make a good First Lady of New York? 


Image via Food Network

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