Election Day Results: Will Obama Restaurants Suffer, Too?

obama eatsNaming your restaurant or cuisine after President Obama might sound like a good entrepreneurial idea in theory -- but what happens if (when?) the Democrats lose big on Election Day?

If reports are true -- that the Commander in Chief is inspiring the food scene in other parts of the globe -- then that's what a host of international restaurant owners are about to find out.

Countries as far away and remote as the Philippines are seeing the influence of the American Prez in their culinary landscape: The latest is an American-themed restaurant named Obama Bar & Grill in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. By way of decor, the restaurant has plastered images of Obama on its walls.

And, guess what kind of food it serves?


Burger and fries are the restaurant's specialties, of course -- it's trying to mimic America, after all.

In a similar vein, several Mumbai restaurants are creating a variety of dishes named after the President in preparation of the Obamas' visit later this week.

There are the Barack Berry and Obama-Mama cocktails mixed up by one restaurant. A hotel has christened its sweet potato pie with whipped cream the Oh Bama Sweet Pie (because it's allegedly one of his favorites). And, finally, there's the The American Doll Michelle Waffle, which a restaurant created because Michelle Obama is "loved by all for her caring, sweet nature." See? These restaurants are milking the Obama name for all it's worth.

No doubt these international geniuses figured they could make some easy money off Obama's good name. But it will be interesting to see what happens if Election Day goes the way everyone thinks it's going and the President's party loses big time. Will tourists be so willing to tuck into the Barack Bhakri, or Obama platter -- which a restaurant in India is preparing for his visit -- after today?

Image via mediajorgenyc/Flickr

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