Shop For Your Turkey Like You Do Your Diapers

turkey onlineYou're a modern woman, so why are you staking out your local grocery stores for the best per pound buy? Go online, lady! And find yourself the best deal on Thanksgiving turkeys the world wide web has to offer.

You won't get to thump the bird (if that's how you shop) but as long as you go by the "one pound per person eating" rule you can easily order your turkey in advance, and have it arrive just in time to feed the relatives.

Even if you don't have a Fresh Direct-like local service (which I highly recommend, going local is the best way to get a fresh bird to your table) there are plenty of other online turkey services waiting to deliver your dinner to your door.

Like say, these five:


PIttman & Davis (starting at $49.97, 10 lbs)

If you're thinking, to hell with it, I'm not even going to cook the damn thing, try a smoked turkey from Pittman & Davis. In addition to a distinctive smokey flavor, you won't have to heat up your kitchen all day. If you want to bam it up, spend $5 on the lemon pepper seasoning. That's a win-win for a busy woman who doesn't have anything to prove.

Schaul's Signature Gourmet Foods (starting at $44.90, 12 lbs)

Schaul's says they are known for their "buttery" taste, which sounds absolutely mouth-watering. You can order fresh, or basted from this gourmet food shop that's been around since the 1920s.

Gourmet Grocery (starting at $49.50)

Another place that pre-cooks the bird, but adds in a lot more variety is Gourmet Grocery. You don't have to just stop at the Cajun or chardonnay infused turkey, you can get a holiday sampler and add ham to the menu.

iGourmet (starting at $129, 8-10 lbs)

If only free range will do, you will have to pay for that grass-fed, freedom-loving beast. Not only is this turkey free-range and fresh-killed, it comes with a certificate proving it's lineage dates back to the 1800s. It's a true heritage bird. Animal lovers will rest easy knowing these turkeys from Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch were one of the first to receive the Animal Welfare Approved certification.

Grass Fed Traditions (starting at $65, 10 lbs)

While this organic, grass-fed turkey does not come with a certificate or letter of introduction, it does come with a smaller price tag. Another interesting thing about the grass fed pastured turkeys, is the toms are fed in the "tropical tradition" which combines grass and coconut, called Cocofeed. They pride themselves on adding no soy to this turkey, so consider that if you have any soy-averse members of your family.


Image via Pittman & Davis

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