60-Day All Potato Diet: Could You Do It?

potatoesBy the end of his pledge to eat nothing but potatoes for 60 days, Chris Voigt will have eaten a grand total of 1,200 potatoes.

That's a mind-boggling amount of potatoes; my stomach is turning at the mere thought.

Voigt, who is the executive director of the Washington Potato Commission, embarked on an all-potato diet for two months because he was sick of people labeling potatoes as "junk food." (And if that's not commitment to your job, I don't know what is.)

He's halfway through the challenge -- so what exactly has he been eating?


He eats 20 potatoes a day and prepares them in a variety of ways: boiled, baked, steamed, grilled, fried, marinated, and mashed. His original promise on his website was to eat just potatoes:

No toppings, no chili, no sour cream, no cheese, no gravy, just potatoes and maybe some seasonings or herbs and a little oil for some of the cooking.

But now that he facing some serious potato burnout -- and with 28 days to go, he's gotten a little more lax, using things like Taco Bell hot sauce, balsamic vinegar, and (gulp) pickle juice to make it go down easier. (A baked potato without cheese and bacon? Oh, the horror!)

His reasons for being so strict about the diet aren't entirely with his health in mind; after all, some days he consumes only potato chips and French fries. Still, the diet has at least some health benefits: He's lost a whopping 12 pounds since he started.

But his body has to be craving some essential nutrients: Sure, potatoes are healthy -- rich in potassium, fiber, and vitamin C. And, if you eat more than 10 a day, it completes his daily recommended amount of protein, so Voigt's got that covered.

But what about vitamins A, B12, and E, not to mention calcium and selenium? Surely, it can't be that healthy eating one -- and only one -- vegetable for so long.

I will say this about Voigt: He's nothing if not committed and creative. One day he consumed potato ice cream topped with chocolate sauce -- that's true dedication.

Do you think the potato diet will catch on?

Image via Perry French

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