Snooki Joins Blagojevich in the Nut House

snookiWe always suspected Rod Blagojevich and the Jersey Shore's Snooki were a little nutty, and this new ad campaign confirms it.

Wonderful Pistachios has signed Blago and Snooki -- and a host of other pop culture personalities (I hesitate to call them "celebrities") -- to its new $20 million "Get Crackin'" campaign. The spots, which debuted last night during the World Series, feature each of these characters enjoying the humble pistachio in their very own signature style ...


In one ad, tanning queen Snooki "does it with UV rays" (or so the voice-over informs us), using a tanning bed to crack open her pistachio.

In another, the infamous Illinois governor Blago "does it innocently." Heh.

Other celebrities connected to the campaign include: Chad Ochocinco, R. Lee Ermey, Lewis Black, "Keyboard Cat," and Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts gang.

The marketing strategy behind the choice of pistachio spokespeople is admittedly something of an enigma. One company insider explains they are "not looking for controversy, but looking for buzz factor." I'd be more inclined to believe that guy were it not for the fact that one of these alleged "non-controversial" figures was arrested on federal corruption charges and the other was recently arrested on disorderly conduct charges

Oh, and speaking about all things unbelievable, here's Blago's statement about the ad:

The contents in the suitcase are like the accusations against me -- they're nuts ... I'd been eating these pistachios and enjoying them well before they asked me to do a commercial.


Now, I don't know about you, but the history of arrests doesn't exactly make me want to bust into a bag of pistachios.

Not to mention the fact that I thought Snooki's first food endorsement would be the pickle.

If you missed the debut last night, don't worry: the commercials will be showing during such prime time shows as 30 Rock, Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, and Monday Night Football, in addition to late-night programs, sporting event broadcasts, and on cable.

Do these ads make you want to eat pistachios?

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