Jamie Oliver & Chipotle: A Match Made in Hell?

jamie oliverMy reaction to learning that Jamie Oliver was partnering with Chipotle for a Food Revolution fundraiser was very similar to the one I had when I heard Taylor Swift had dated John Mayer:


As far as the latter bit of knowledge is concerned, let's just shrug, chalk it up to the mysteries of the universe, and never revisit it again.

It's the part about the healthy food crusader hawking fast food that has my head spinning off course!


Here's the info for the fundraiser (which truth be told sounds like a fun idea):

Visit Chipotle on Halloween dressed as the most hideous processed food you can think of (chicken nuggets, hot dogs, fake cheese, etc.) and the chain will treat you to a burrito for only $2 (that's a $5-$6 savings). The proceeds will benefit Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution; Chipotle is hoping to raise $1 million for the charity.

Now, as my co-workers can attest, I have a certain love-love relationship with Chipotle; so dislike for the chain is hardly the issue here. And, I absolutely get that the restaurant buys its ingredients from ethical sources and serves unprocessed food including many vegetables -- true novelties in the fast food industry.

It's the sheer size and caloric content of most of Chipotle's dishes that lead me to question why Jamie Oliver thinks this is a good idea: The burritos range anywhere from 550 to 1,150 calories -- and that's for just one meal!

Jamie Oliver has made it his mission to get Americans to eat healthier. But promoting burritos as big as your head -- no matter how jammed they are with veggies -- seems like a step backward for his eating in moderation philosophy.

Unless there's something about Chipotle that Jamie knows and I don't -- in which case I think I know what I'll be having for dinner from here on out.

Are you scratching your head at the Jamie Oliver-Chipotle partnership?


Image via Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

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