Lady Gaga Meat Dress Goes Prime

lady gaga meat dressI'm sure when Lady Gaga appeared at this year's VMAs wearing a meat dress, your first reaction wasn't Oh my god, how tacky and cheap -- flank steaks, really?

But that's exactly what Marc Sherry, the owner of NYC's meatpacking district steakhouse Old Homestead, thought.

The designer Frank Hernandez, he put no thought into it. And I wanted it to be just not a cheap skirt steak, I wanted it to be just a cut above.

So in an attempt to rid the world of cheap Gaga meat dresses, Sherry has created his own high-end version made of porterhouse, leggings from rib eye, and kobe beef boots. They even accessorized the look with a necklace of marrow bones topped with a 32-ounce rib eye chapeau.


But to look better than Gaga will cost you. The dress runs at a high price of $100,000, though it does come with a designer goody bag stuffed with filet mignon, chocolate sauce, kobe burgers, and candy corn. And after walking around and possibly sweating through your meat, you can then enjoy it for dinner for the next half year, as Sherry offers up his cooks to do the carving and suggest recipes.

Wear it for an hour, have fun with it ... Then you might have enough meat for six months for your freezer. So that the $100,000 is not that expensive.

Who the hell does he think he's pitching this to? What person would ever pay that much to wear that? Except for maybe Gaga herself, but that'll just be downright egotistical. Hey, I'm going as myself for Halloween!

In order to promote it, he has made one of his poor waitresses/aspiring models strut in front of the restaurant wearing the 112-pound dress, which is probably the equivalent to her weight. Check out the photos here.

The Old Homestead restaurant isn't a stranger to outrageous food items -- though this one completely blows everything else out of the pasture. Their claim to fame before the meat dress was their infamous $40 burger made of Kobe beef (which my father, who has a strange obsession with all things he sees on the Travel channel, insisted on trying when he visited ... honestly, it wasn't even that great).

Do you think someone will end up buying the costume for Halloween?

Image via Frederick M. Brown/Getty

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