Rachael Ray in 3-D: Too Much of a Good Thing?

rachael rayThe 3-D experience is something I've come to expect of a Harry Potter movie or Super Bowl commercial and not necessarily a cooking show. But if it means three-dimensional images of delicious delectables on my screen, then I can definitely get on board with this idea.

The Rachael Ray Show is broadcasting a Halloween special in 3-D on Friday, making it the first daytime show to bring this technology to network TV. In addition to hosting guest appearances by Pee-wee Herman and Penn & Teller, Rachael will also be cooking up Halloween haute cuisine including mulled cider beef and potato mash and mummy dogs!

There's only one little thing that's making me pause when I think about all that a 3-D Rachael Ray experience entails -- it's Rachael Ray herself. Can you even imagine? It will be sensory overload!


Now I love Rachael Ray just as much as the next person. But you have to admit she's larger than life, not to mention over-the-top animated and relentlessly bubbly. Can you imagine her popping out of the television screen -- and in a Jessica Rabbit costume nonetheless? My eyes may never recover.

Still, Halloween is all about sensory overload, so likely Rachael and 3-D is a match made in heaven. Plus, Rachael has warned fans that the entire show is not in 3-D so we'll get a few breaks from the madness.

If this sounds like your idea of a good time, be sure to pick up a copy of the 10/25 issue of TV Guide, which contains the 3-D glasses, then tune in tomorrow for the big event. Check the official site for show times in your area.


Image via Rachael Ray Show

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