'Top Chef Just Desserts': Dessert Wars!

top chef just dessertsSo much for Team Diva making it to the Final 3 on Top Chef Just Desserts -- muhahahaha!

Sorry, I know that's mean, but Yigit, Heather H., and Zac, though talented, of course, were a little too much to take as a cliquey threesome.

Now that one of them is gone, maybe I can stop having high school flashbacks and pay attention to things that really matter -- like Mise En Place Quickfire Challenge and Dessert Wars!


First, the chefs were randomly split into two teams of three for the mise en place Quickfire Challenge. (And when I say "random," what I really mean is: Weren't you a little suspect of the fact that all three members of the annoying in-your-face Team Diva ended up on the Red Team? I'm sure the producers had nothing at all to do with that.)

The Challenge included the following tasks: Mold 12 perfect tart shells; pipe eight perfect butter cream roses; separate six eggs and whip to firm peaks that you can hold over your head for 10 seconds; and stretch strudel dough over the length of a table and roll the strudel.

Team Diva -- oh, I'm sorry, I mean the randomly formed Red Team -- won and were completely obnoxious about it, while losers Danielle, Eric, and Morgan fought back tears of disappointment (okay, not really, but they were just as annoyed and pissed off as I was).

Next up: Dessert Wars! Similar to Top Chef's signature Restaurant Wars, in the Dessert War Challenge, the chefs are tasked with working in (the same) teams to open a dessert shop featuring nine desserts -- one of which had to be a bread dessert.

The stressful challenge led to some of the more memorable moments of the season: Yigit stole all the lemons; Morgan had a breakdown; and Heather H. told Zac -- repeatedly -- to shut up.

Team Diva opens an adult candy shop called "Pastry's Playland" featuring such items as wild blueberry donut and caramel corn with bacon. Overall, the judges were impressed with Yigit's front-of-the-house manner but were disappointed by the empty dessert case. And, they thought the crust on the chocolate tart and lemon cream tart -- Heather made the dough for both -- was way too thick.

The judges preferred the comfort desserts -- like homemade ginger ale and chocolate chip cookie -- in the Black Team's "Whisk Me Away" shop. Even though Gail Simmons thought Danielle was "too casual" as the front-of-the-house person, the Black Team was declared the winner.

This meant the three members of Team Diva were on the chopping block -- so sad! Ultimately, the judges got rid of Heather for her crust.

So, not only did the underdogs win, but the mean girl was sent home. All in all, a hugely satisfying episode.

Were you happy to see Heather H. go home?


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