Cheers to the Worst Beers!

natural light beerReading over the Worst Beers in the World list is like taking a walk down college memory lane -- one very fuzzy walk. Oh college: Coors Light how I loved thee, Natural (Nattie) Light always the hit at the parties, and go to hell Bud Ice.


Olde English 800 tops the list, followed by Nattie Light and Ice, which isn't exactly surprising as they're practically the bottom of the barrel when it comes to beer. What is surprising is that Michelob Ultra and Bud Light rank higher on the bad list than Keystone, Bud Ice, and Busch. Seriously? Who are the beer connoisseurs rating this stuff? Give me a Bud Light any day, but I'd rather sip True Blood than ever put Bud Ice to my lips again. Here are the top 20 worst beers:

  1. Olde English 800
  2. Natural ice
  3. Natural Light
  4. Milwaukee's Best
  5. Michelob Ultra
  6. Sleeman Clear
  7. Budweiser Select 55
  8. Coors Aspen Edge
  9. Bud Light Chelada
  10. Busch Ice
  11. Busch Light
  12. Bud Light
  13. Milwaukee's Best Light
  14. Camo Genuine Ale
  15. Miller Genuine Draft 64
  16. Keystone Light
  17. Busch Beer
  18. Budweiser Chelada
  19. General Generic Beer
  20. Old Milwaukee Ice

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If one of your faves makes the list, but you want to try expanding to a beer that perhaps has a better rep, the site gives you options of similar yet tastier versions of your toilet water (click the links in the right column).

Are you a fan of any of these beers? What's your favorite?

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