Angry Witches Stir the Pot Over Offensive Beer Label

witch's wit aleIn a blatant act of bigotry and religious intolerance, a Californian brewery produced a speciality seasonal beer, Witch's Wit Ale, with a hatefully misogynistic image on the label: a witch being burned at the stake.

One group was particularly offended by the vileness of the picture: the real life witches.

Vicky Noble, a well-known Wiccan, saw the beer in a liquor store and immediately shot off a cry to arms (brooms?) to her e-mail list asking:

Can you imagine them showing a black person being lynched or a Jewish person going to the oven? ... Such images are simply not tolerated in our society anymore ... and this one should not be, either.

And, her followers responded to this assault on paganism in exactly the way you'd expect of a coven of angry witches ...


 ... with a barrage of complaints to the Lost Abbey brewery, requesting that it change the label.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending: The brewery's owners said they meant no harm and admitted to being “ignorantly unaware of the mistake” they had made. Witch's Wit was just one of many in a line of religiously themed beers -- which also includes Judgement Day, The Ten Commandments, and Gift of the Magi -- that lightly poked fun at religious imagery.

Nevertheless, Lost Abbey agreed to change the label and hope to have a contest to determine the new image for the limited edition Belgian-style ale, which is spiced with grapefruit zest, orange peel and coriander.

And the Wiccans for their part are happy with the decision, particularly Noble who stated, "“I like beer."

Everyone's happy. The world is one step closer to religious tolerance. Now, who wants a drink?

Do you think the label is offensive?


Image via Lost Abbey

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