Marijuana Soda & Other Smoke-Free Ways to Get High

marijuana sodaSoon in California marijuana could be legal. If voters say yes to proposition 19, consenting adults could toke up and fly high whenever they choose.

But even if it's legal, some may still be a little hesitant to so openly smoke something that's been outlawed for so long. For some, it could still carry a bit of stigma. Others may not like the thought of smoking anything.

Fortunately (not so fortunately depending on which side you stand), one doesn't have to smoke marijuana to feel its effects. There are a host of other ways to join in the fun without the joint.

Here are six ways to enjoy marijuana without smoking ... only for use, of course, if the special ingredient actually becomes legal.


Marijuana Soda Promoted for use among those approved for medical marijuana use, Dixie Elixirs offer a refreshing, organic beverage. Sip away and slip away to happier place. 

With flavors like lemonade, sweet tea, pink lemonade, strawberry, orange, grape and root beer, no would have to be the wiser to the contents of your cup.

Marijuana Butter Nothing like starting your day off with a little toast and butter to get you toasted bright and early. There are several techniques, but this recipe is pretty straight forward and says it works well for garlic bread.

Pot Pasta To go with that garlic bread, how about a little pasta? This recipe for a marinara marijuana sauce basically just subs out the oregano for pot.

Pot Tacos If it's Tex-Mex you're craving, you can always whip these pot tacos. Ole!

Pot Brownies But, of course, no list of cannabis cuisine could be complete without some brownies you can bake to get you baked.

Marijuana Tea After a nice big meal, you could always cozy up with a nice mug of this special tea.

IF marijuana was legalized in your state, which of these would you be most likely to try, if any?


Image via Dixie Exilirs


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