Cake Obsessed: Halloween Open Coffin Cake ... Who's Inside?

A Halloween Coffin Cake sounds absolutely morbid. But it's really not, especially when you peek under the lid to find ...

halloween coffin cake

An adorable dead gingerbread person inside!

And, the cake is vegan. Would you expect anything less from Wing-It Vegan?


The cake is chocolate brownie with chocolate ganache frosting -- mmmmmm. And, it's vegan because it's made with coconut milk and strong-brewed coffee for a rich, intense flavor.

It's darling. It's spooky. It's the perfect centerpiece for a kids' or adults-only Halloween party.

Click the link above for the recipe and the coffin how-to. And for those who are daunted by the challenge of an "open" coffin, don't worry: There's a easy closed version, too.

What kind of cake are you making for Halloween?


Image via Wing-It Vegan

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