BK Nacho Whopper: Big Fat Fusion Fail!

nacho burgerFusion food was once the stuff of uber-trendy, high-priced restaurants, but it's slowly trickled its way down into every greasy spoon and fast food joint.

Now, instead of a unique, subtle combination of cuisines, the latest fusion foods are big, fat excuses for gluttony.

The latest example: Burger King's Buenos Nachos Burger. It's a burger topped with all the fixings of nachos, including the chips.

While one might shy away from a big old burger AND nachos, if you pile them onto one bun, suddenly it's all right?


For the time being, it's only being sold in the Netherlands, but chances are it won't be long before you can get one in the United States.

If not, there are plenty of other foods that fuse fattening fare together.

Take the Triple Bypass Burger, currently making headlines because of a lawsuit over its name. It provides you with an excuse to eat not one, but two grilled cheese sandwiches, along with your burger, some bacon, and onion rings to name just a few of the ingredients.

But hey, it was just one sandwich.

Can't decide to indulge in a burger or a donut? Just make a Krispy Kreme Burger and call it a choice.

Britain brought us the lasagna sandwich in a case of carb overload; and Denny's gets cheesy when it puts fried cheese sticks inside a grilled cheese sandwich with its Fried Cheese Melt.

Another atrocity from Burger King: The NY Pizza Burger, for times when you can't decide between a burger or pizza. Have both!

It consists of four Whopper patties, slices of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese, and marinara and Tuscan sauce on a sesame seed bun. Oh, and more than 2,500 calories.

But you just had one and might even feel good about it if you skipped the fries.

The fusion madness is even making its way into family kitchens everywhere with things like Spaghetti Tacos, for whom we have iCarly to thank.

There's something to be said for simplicity when it comes to food.

And it's pretty simple really: Eat tons of fattening, greasy food, no matter how you package it, and pay the steep price to your health. 

Are you a fan of these kinds of "fusion" foods?

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