'Top Chef Just Desserts': Black and White, Boys and Girls

top chef just dessert cookiesLast night's episode of Top Chef Just Desserts was a joke, right? Annoying always-in-the-bottom Danielle and her lame dessert (pictured right) beat out one of the best contestants of the season, leaving us with a cast of characters who are (mostly) irritating if not completely unlikable? My heart. It hurts.



The chaos began with a Quickfire Challenge in which the chefs were asked to make a delicious and interesting savory dessert -- using ingredients like bacon, chicken, beets, onions, veggies, potatoes -- in just one pot.

In the scramble for ingredients, Morgan elbows Heather H. in the mouth and delivers the first of many nauseatingly arrogant lines:

You go to the post and Shaq knocks you on your ass, then you learn not to go to the post with Shaq.

Did a pastry chef just compare himself to a professional athlete? Ugh. And if I didn't dislike Heather H. (and her relentless negative attitude) so much, I would actually be mad about it. And why are her fellow Team Diva mates (Zac and Yigit) hiding bacon from the rest of the chefs? Grow up already, pastry chefs!

Zac wins immunity in the QF, and in an interesting twist, host Gail Simmons allows him to sell it for $5,000, which he comes to regret later on.

For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs must cater the L.A. Times Black and White gala celebrating 128 years with desserts that are black and white. This is particularly tricky because -- as all the chefs admit -- they are used to working with color. In fact, chefs often rely on colorful foods to give desserts their intense flavor.

Ultimately, the four guys fare much better than the women, who end up in the bottom three. Heather H.'s dessert wasn't black and white (um, duh). Erika made "soapy" lemon poppy seed ice cream. And Danielle ... oh, Danielle.

The chef didn't like Danielle's petit fours because they weren't "cohesive." And, well, LOOK AT THEM! She tried to argue that she was just being "creative" when host Johnny Iuzzini cut her off with a sharp verbal wrist slap:

That's a cop-out -- saying you were being creative. You should have figured out the way to eat them in order to get the most impact of your flavors. You didn't think enough about how the guests would eat it.

Danielle's response? She does what she always does: whines, makes weird scrunched up faces, and complains some more. And the viewers are content because FINALLY this train wreck is on her way home ...

But wait!

Apparently, the judges aren't as annoyed by Danielle as we are because lovely, likable Erika is sent home for her soapy dessert.

Now, it's down to Eric the baker and a cast of imbeciles (albeit talented imbeciles).

Did you think Erika deserved to go home?


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