Making Holiday Cookies & Memories With Your Kids

chocolate chip cookiesThink about the place in your house that you spend the most time, and I'll almost guarantee you it's the kitchen.

Families come together over food, especially during the holidays. Meals are a time to share the tales of your day and enjoy a little taste of happiness with your loved ones. And of course, after the main event, there's nothing better than something extra -- a little dessert.

While the sweets may not last for long, the memories that you make will.

These great cookie recipes will undoubtedly make this holiday season one to remember.


Sugar Spritz Cookies: If you're looking for a simple, easy recipe to make with the kids, then sugar spritz cookies are your new best friend. Simply preheat your oven to 325°F, then mix the store-bought dough and food coloring in a medium-sized bowl. Dough feel a little soft? No worries -- simply refrigerate it for five minutes, or until it's slightly firm. Put your colored dough into a cookie press of your choosing and then press dough onto baking sheets and decorate with sprinkles, candies, or whatever your heart desires. Then bake 8 to 10 minutes.

Best Christmas Cutout Cookie: There is nothing more memorable than making fun and seasonal cookie shapes with your little ones. Whether it's a Christmas tree shape to leave for Santa by the fireplace or your favorite menorah for the first night of Hanukkah, have a blast decorating these easy cookies with your favorite shapes, candies, and icings.

Candy Cane Cookies: Growing up, spending time rolling "worms" and "snakes" for this classic holiday favorite was a Christmas-must. The sugar cookie smell wafting from Grandma's kitchen left our mouths watering for hours! And of course, it's not a successful afternoon of baking without some red food coloring left on your fingers.

Eggnog Cookies: Eggnog doesn't have to just be for the grownups this holiday. Incorporate one of the season's signature flavors into an afternoon in the kitchen, and top these tasty treats with some cinnamon sugar for a sweet surprise! Serve them to the kiddos warm and enjoy with a nice cold glass of milk.

Gingerbread House Cookies: Want to have all of the fun of the classic gingerbread house with half of the mess (or so we can hope)? These scrumptious cookies combine crafting and cooking all at once. Spend some time together channelling your inner-designer and picking out what fix-ins will help complete the most memorable gingerbread mansion!

Peppermint Puffs: Turn your kitchen into an all-star bakery with these fancy, easy puffed cookies that will have the whole family singing your praises. Have the kids pitch in rolling the dough into small balls or sprinkling on a garnish of crushed candy canes, and meanwhile snap a photo that will make these moments last a lifetime.

What's your favorite cookie recipe for the holiday season?

Image via Jules:stonesoup/Flickr

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