Bravo Food Show Goes Hip-Hop

Chef Ruble AliUh oh. It's starting. I can already picture Bravo five years from now chock-full of stereotypical food shows -- a California-themed avocado-only show, an everything-must-be-fried Southern-themed show.

Their first step into cliche territory is a hip-hop chef series. The cable network is developing a show called Roblé & Co. which centers around Brooklyn chef Roblé Ali (but his friends call him "Bleezy"), where the concept combines elements of hip-hop culture and contemporary cooking.


I understand that food may not be the most exciting topic, and there are only so many ways you can saute a chicken, but it's still a food show. The term "food" being the key word here. If they start going this route, we're going to have a food-version of MTV's Jersey Shore epidemic on our hands (seriously, think of how many Jersey-related shows are on now).

It's not a bad idea in theory -- having a food show that focuses on a specific lifestyle/culture. But do you really think it's going to be solely about that? No way. These shows are going to be focused more on the characters than on the actual dishes that they are preparing, complete with (I can only imagine) a Randy Jackson-like Yo, dawg catchphrase every time he takes something out of the oven. Ugh.

Why not give the guy a show strictly because he's friggin' amazing at what he does? Why does it have to have a spin to it -- cooking is cooking!

What are your thoughts on having lifestyle-focused food shows? Good or bad thing?


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