Beyond Halloween: 5 Unusual Uses for Pumpkins

pumpkinAs Halloween approaches, you're likely gutting your gourds with the intention of turning them into grinning lanterns. But there are so many more creative uses for pumpkins that go beyond decorating for All Hallows' Eve. Check out these five projects that will have you heading to the pumpkin patch throughout the entire fall season:


pumpkin vase

Pumpkin Vase: Hollow out a pumpkin (be sure to save the seeds!), and use it to create a festive centerpiece. Just cut a cube of floral foam so that it fits inside, then moisten it with water and stick your favorite flowers through. An easy floral arrangement doesn't fall out of style after October 31st.

pumpkin wreath

Mini Pumpkin Wreath: Caroline at Armelle came up with this project to use up all of those misfit pumpkins. Take a wire wreath (found at your local craft store), and wrap and glue ribbon around the entire frame. Hot glue mini pumpkins individually. Then tie a ribbon around the top to hang from.

gourd candles

Gourd Candles: Have you ever noticed those tiny gourds littering the pumpkin patch are the perfect size for tea lights?

pumpkin bowl

Pumpkin Soup Bowl: Mmm, the only thing better than warm pumpkin soup on a crisp fall day is warm pumpkin soup in a pumpkin bowl (and maybe some cider to drink).

pumpkin fondue

Pumpkin Crock Pot: Amy from Streaming Gourmet, attempted Ruth Reichl's Cheesy Bread in a Pumpkin recipe, and, I gotta say, just looking at it is making my mouth water. She basically turned her pumpkin into a crock pot, letting the cheesy ingredients simmer inside the gourd.

Do you ever use pumpkins other than for jack-o-lanterns?



Images via sgs_1019/Flickr, Jerry/Flickr, Caroline Armelle, Lightning2000/Flickr, ccharmon/Flickr

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