4 Halloween Cupcake Recipes That Look Hard, Bake Easy

halloween cupcakeThe secret to making great Halloween cupcakes that stand out from all the rest is, of course, clever decoration.

Whether you're hosting a party for little trick-or-treaters or an adult costume soiree, these festive cupcake ideas will make your Halloween get-together a memorable one.

It all starts with these fiendish Vampire Cupcakes from our friends at Kitchen Daily ...


Don't be discouraged by the intricate design; these toothsome cupcakes are easy enough to put together, provided you have the right materials.

And, just in case Team Vampire gets too cocky, you'd better make sure the other side feels represented with Howling Werewolf Cupcakes.


owl cupcakes

We've seen Owl Cupcakes before -- but never quite this over-the-top and professional looking. It's a great idea, particularly if you're looking for a dessert that's more cute than scary. Visit Kitchen Daily for a step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to get all those feathers looking so very perfect.



pumpkin cupcakes


Finally, jolly Pumpkin Cupcakes add a touch of autumn to any celebration. These in particular have a surprise inside. Here's a hint: What do you think makes the top so round?





What kind of cupcakes are you making this year for Halloween?


Images via Kitchen Daily

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