Cake Obsessed: Princess Leia Cupcakes

I have a good feeling about this ...

These Princess Leia cupcakes that Jenn from justJENN recipes made are, in a word, genius.

princess leia cupcakes

I love how Princess Leia's sensible hairstyle is so accurately re-created with Oreos.


The cupcakes were part of Jenn's impressive Star Wars party spread that also included a Death Star watermelon, Vadar Pataters, bacon-wrapped pretzel Lightsabers, and Han Solo in Jell-O.

It'll be the perfect way to celebrate when the Star Wars saga is released in 3D. Although Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace isn't expected until 2012, so in the meantime why not use these ideas as inspiration for party in honor of your favorite Star Wars geek?

Like I said: Pure genius.

For the cupcake recipe and to see the rest of the Star Wars party, click the link above.


Image via justJENN Recipes

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