10 Fall Pasta Dishes: Comfort Food With a Savory Twist


Cranberry pasta

We tend to think of pasta as a warm weather dish. You've heard of pasta primavera, right? That's pasta in the springtime. Fall doesn't get its own noodle dish named after it ... but it should. Autumn is the perfect time to pair your favorite comfort food with the season's savory flavors and bountiful produce.

Delicious butternut squash, scrumptious pumpkin, sweet potatoes, cranberries, mushrooms, pears, and kale coupled with fall's hallmark seasonings -- sage, nuts, cider, butter -- are included in some of our favorite fall pasta recipes below.

They're so delicious and belly warming, you may be tempted to serve some alongside your Thanksgiving turkey ... or at least as a fresh alternative to leftovers the next day. So grab your fork and spoon and dig into these 10 amazing fall pasta dishes:

lasagnaPumpkin Lasagne: When you think of lasagna, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn't pumpkin. But Food & Wine has come up with this delicious recipe, which features sage, nutmeg, Swiss chard, and of course, pumpkin. They note that you don't have to roast fresh pumpkin (though you can if you'd like to) and to use canned pumpkin puree to eliminate lots of prep time.

See the recipe here.

Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli With a Sage Brown Butter Sauce: If you've never made pasta from scratch before, now's your chance. It isn't difficult, just a little time consuming. The shortcut calls for using large shells or wonton wraps instead. This recipe from Food Network isn't a quick 10-minute dish, but the sweet butternut squash with sage and nutmeg dish is such a wonderful homage to fall. Perfect for entertaining and family nights in.

See the recipe here.

Spaghetti with portabellasSpaghetti With Portabellas, Sage & Walnuts: Come fall, nothing is more delicious than smokey, savory mushrooms. This recipe from Fine Cooking is super-easy, and if the mushrooms don't evoke the fall season for you, then the sage and walnuts definitely will. So easy to put together, this will quickly become a popular fall food staple in your household.

See the recipe here.

Pork & Pear Pasta: This one may make you raise your eyebrow (pasta and pears?) but trust us, it's a good one. TheNibble.com took this recipe from the National Pasta Association and substituted fresh pears instead of the jarred variety. You can never go wrong with a pear and pork combo, so why not throw some pasta into the mix? So refreshing and citrusy yet hearty with the pork -- it's a celebration of flavors all in one dish.

See the recipe here.

Cranberry fettuccineCranberry Fettuccine Tomato Cream Sauce With Shrimps and Scallops: Cranberries just scream fall and everyone loves cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving. The blog I Just Love My Apron found the perfect way to incorporate cranberry flavor into a pasta dish: by cooking the noodles in cranberry juice! So ingenious. Of course shrimp and scallops are delicious anytime of year, but these cranberry-red noodles are so yummy and creative, we couldn't pass this one up.

See the recipe here.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi With Apple Cider Sauce: Another recipe that requires you to make homemade pasta, this time with sweet potatoes. Fusing together apple cider, sweet potatoes, sage, and garlic into a pasta dish may sound impossible, but you and everyone you serve this to are going to love it, courtesy of this recipe, another one from Food & Wine. Plus sweet potato pasta is so much healthier for you than the generic boxed stuff!

See the recipe here.

Mac and cheese with bacon peasThe Ultimate Mac 'N Cheese With Peas & Bacon: Okay, so this one may not feature any fall produce, but when it comes to the chillier temps, your favorite comfort food staples help you forget about the grayer, shorter days. Creamy mac 'n' cheese and fall simply go together. And when you click on the link for Tyler Florence's Amazing Mac 'n' Cheese recipe, you'll see a bunch of wonderful how-to photos to help you make it. Butter, cheese, bacon ... this isn't a recipe for those watching their waistlines, but hey, there's a long time until swimsuit season.

See the recipe here.

Fettuccine With Brussels Sprouts and Pine Nuts: Your inner 5-year-old is probably running for cover, but this recipe from Epicurious.com only requires six ingredients and you won't believe how good it is. Your kids will even like it -- yep, they'll eat Brussels sprouts and actually not complain about it. Comforting, nutty flavors with fresh fall Brussels sprouts plus only 20 minutes of cook time? You really can't go wrong.

See the recipe here.

pasta with shrimp and broccoliAngel Hair Pasta With Garlic Shrimp and Broccoli: Broccoli, a cool-season crop, can be planted in the late summer just in time for fall. Adding pesto to cream sauce as well as infusing the flavors from the garlic shrimp and broccoli florets make this AllRecipes.com dish a fall time favorite. Even though the sauce is creamy, at least you're getting some fresh fall greens!

See the recipe here.

Whole Wheat Pasta With Kale: We've already won you over with pasta recipes featuring pears, cranberry juice, and even Brussels sprouts, so why not try this healthy one from Martha Stewart? Only seven ingredients and just over a half hour of your time are needed to make this dish, which features in-season kale, bacon, garlic, even chicken broth. So many delectable comfort food flavors in a healthy pasta dinner (hey, you could always use turkey bacon instead if you so desire).

See the recipe here.

What are your favorite fall pasta recipes? What foods do you like cooking with during the autumn?


Cranberry pasta photos courtesy of I Just Love My Apron; mushroom spaghetti image courtsey of Fine Cooking; mac and cheese image courtesy of Tyler Florence; angel hair pasta image via AllRecipes.com

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