'Top Chef Just Desserts': Too Sexy for My Chocolate

top chef just dessertsThe worlds of food and fashion collided on last night's episode of Top Chef Just Desserts. But the result was a little too Project Runway for my, ahem, taste.

But before we get to the edible outfits and the constant annoyance that is Team Diva, first things first ...


In the Quickfire Challenge, the contestants were asked to create the most terrifying of all desserts -- the souffle. I think this challenge would have had us all on the edge of our seat a little more were it not for the fact that these people are all PASTRY CHEFS. I mean, souffles should be a piece of cake (heh) for them, right? Or at least as easy as pie (heh heh).

Nevertheless, the chefs completed the task with varying degrees of success, and Yigit won for his chocolate souffle with passion fruit and vanilla bean ice cream.

Now would be an excellent time to bring up Team Diva -- the name that Zac, Heather H., and Yigit have bestowed upon their cliquey threesome. True, they are some of the most talented and entertaining chefs to watch. But, still, I didn't realize we were in high school. (And Team Diva looked totally lame when two of its members -- Zac and Heather H. -- wound up in the bottom three during the souffle challenge.)

On to the Elimination Challenge ...

In celebration of Fashion Week, the chefs had to make an edible outfit and two couture petit four "accessories" inspired by a pair of shoes.

Question for readers: Given that this is a dessert-themed show, does it make an ounce of sense that two of the chefs -- Heather C. and Danielle -- made their outfit out of vegetables? I'm still pondering this conundrum long after the credits have rolled. Likely the judges are still pondering this, too, which was why they sent one of them (Heather C., again) home.

Their outfits weren't the only hot messes of the evening: Poor Eric the Baker was overwhelmed by the pressure and his awful crumbling messy cookie dress was the third worst of the show.

And, even though I was impressed by Morgan's sexy little chocolate number, his arrogance has completely turned me off -- so much so that I was annoyed when he won. Since when are people allowed to spew crap like this?

I'm a heterosexual male, I'm not supposed to be good at fashion. But my dress is f---ing hot. I wish I could put it on, and I'm going to have to wear the shoes too!

We get it, we get it. You're too sexy for your chocolate. Now please, shut up.

Do you have a favorite on Top Chef Just Desserts?


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