Pretzel Crisps Back With Boobs

pretzel cripssOh those clever marketers have done it again -- gone and outraged a group of people (women in this case) enough that they can coast on the publicity of the echoing outcry.

The culprit this time: Pretzel Crisps.

The company first retreated after fallout from their first ad campaign, which used the slogan, "You can never be too thin."

But apparently the publicity worked for them because they're back at it again with something along the exact same lines, but now they're throwing boobs into the mix.

The current billboard in question touts the message "We're thin and stacked" next to a bag of the Pretzel Thins, and then "So lose the old bag" next to a traditional bag of pretzels.

Kind of cute, kind of clever ... or a pro-anorexic, ageist, sexist outrage of an idea?


Many feel the latter.

Jezebel calls them "highly offensive" and an example of "out-and-out sexism."

Isn't that giving a little too much power to the pretzels?

Sure it's not just one ad, and women get bombarded with messages of perfect body images by the media all the time and that leads to eating disorders and depressed women who feel bad about their bodies and their lives and on and on.

But we should be -- we have to be -- stronger than them because they aren't going to go away. Thin is the ideal image in this country, and in most cases, it's ideal and healthier than being fat.

Not to dismiss eating disorders -- they're devastating and awful, no doubt -- but they affect a small percentage of the population: Between 0.5 to 3.7 percent of females. But nearly 37 percent of adults are obese.

So if these ads have that much power, then shouldn't we leave them up to fight the bigger problem?

The boobs? Yeah, they didn't have to go there, but it's kind of clever and not what we don't see in every other ad anyway sans the words. As for the ageism ... if an ad like this (or 1,000 of them) makes your husband leave you for a hot young number, I'd say you're better off without him anyway.

Also, all the outrage over the advertisements is just making their campaign all the more successful ... for free. If people just walked by and rolled their eyes, it would have had about as much power as a pretzel has over a potato chip -- very little.

Do you find these Pretzel Crisp ads offensive?

Image via Jezebel

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