Jamie Oliver Wants You to Dress Like a Twinkie

jamie oliver chipotle halloweenProcessed food is scary! It pumps chemicals into your body, clogs your arteries, and never, ever decomposes. Which is why Chipotle and Jamie Oliver want you to dress up like a circus peanut on Halloween. They want you to (wait for it) dress to kill.

The huge bonus of dressing up like a frightening processed food is that if you go into a Chipotle after 6 p.m. on Halloween, you'll get a burrito, taco, bowl, or salad for only $2. Mmmm, you'll get to eat something that tastes much better than your costume while being entertained by counting how many hot dogs you'll see standing in line waiting to get their Tex-Mex eat on as well. 

Why is a fast food chain joining forces with Jamie Oliver and making fun of processed foods? Seem counter-intuitive?


Chipotle is attempting to lead the way in fast food with a conscience. Their dairy products are free of growth hormones and come from cows fed a vegan diet. Their meat is organic, free-range, antibiotic-free. Their vegetables are fresh, and beans are 40% organic. Yes, some items on the menu are calorie-laden and have more sodium than you need, but at least you're eating natural ingredients that have just been cooked.

Jamie Oliver likes the idea too, which is why the founder of Chipotle will be giving his Food Revolution $1 million of the proceeds they raise on Halloween from you and your friend in the frozen pizza costume.

Sure, your friends at the Halloween party may wonder why you look like you should be selling ballpark snacks, but you'll get a yummy meal at Chipotle for only two bucks! That's worth the humiliation, right?

I'm looking for a Doritos dress right now.

Will you dress up and get your $2 burrito?


Image via Chipotle

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