Is Jesus Trying to Contact Us Through Cheetos?


Have you ever opened a bag of chips or walked through your vegetable garden and thought, "Wow! That [insert food here] looks a lot like [insert celebrity/animal/religious figure here]!"

If so, you -- like Finn and his grilled Cheesus on last week's episode of Glee -- are not alone. Whether it's an act of nature, manufacturing, or cooking, images appear in food all the time. There's even an article on eHow that explains how to sell a potato chip that looks like a celebrity (in case you want to make some money out of it) and Consumerist went as far as writing a guide specific to religious figures in food.

And Cheetos, which seem to lend itself particularly well to shape analysis, has a Lookalike Analyzer on its website.

Whether you believe it's divine intervention or not, read on for 9 examples of G-rated lookalike foods. (Click here for the x-rated versions.)

Lookalike figures in food generally take on one of two bents: Religious or Secular.

First, the holy ones ...

Mother Theresa in a cinnamon bun:

According to Qype does London, this bun was found at a coffee shop in Tennessee in 1996. Sadly, it was later stolen.

Jesus in Cheeto form:

Cheese-related images of Jesus are remarkably common and are occasionally called "Cheesuses." Here's one from a bag of Cheetos:

Jesus in fish form:

Image of the Lord? Or crazy burning accident? Could be either in this image of Jesus burned onto a fish stick:

And ... the Secular:

Food lookalikes are not always holy. Take, for example, this Facebook page for vegetables and fruit that look like other things.

I can't think of lookalike foods without thinking of the Potato Chip Lady, Myrtle Young, who appeared on Johnny Carson in 1987 with a tray of chips that look like everything from a dog to a bird.

There's also this squash that looks like a penguin. (I like the way it's resting on a towel... ):

Or this duck tomato, fresh on the vine:

And this Cheeto seahorse (See? Cheetos can look like ANYTHING!):

And, not to be outdone by religious figures, there's also plenty of music legend sightings in food. Check out this Huffington Post gallery for a Bob Dylan steak and the King himself, Elvis Presley, on a Moon Pie.


See? They're everywhere! Happy hunting!

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poshkat poshkat

lol reminds me of the grilled chesus episode on GLEE a few weeks back

ZsMommy ZsMommy

The fish looks more like Jim Morrison of the DOORS

tazdvl tazdvl


Peajewel Peajewel

Very strange, I think the only one I would have noticed by myself would have been the tomato that  looked like a duck.

sstepph sstepph

Oh geez.

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